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About Deviant Noel ShortMale/United States Group :icondrumfishproductions: DrumfishProductions
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Deviant for 8 Years
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Noel Short
United States
Current Residence: Livermore California
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Patricia Arquette
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Pop, Rock, Rap & Classical
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck
Breakers is up and running on kickstarter. we have been looking for a colorist as well and i think it's been narrowed down to 2 extremely talented guys, just waiting for some final proofs before we make a decision. Check out our kicstarter page for tons of info about the story of Breakers. and hopefully you may even be inspired to contribute of pass it along to some art investor types!
  • Listening to: Click Clack ckiclty clak
  • Reading: A game of Thrones, The Stand Graphic Novel
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: Bioshock Finally!
  • Eating: Chilli Dogs
  • Drinking: Iced Green Tea

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MensjeDeZeemeermin Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015
May the love and laughter of friends, family, and others dear warm you through the coldest winter and refresh you through the hottest summer.  May wisdom come easily and bring joy with it, and may knowledge be a gift given and passed joyfully on. May you have of fame and food precisely as much as you wish, and of the kind that pleases and strengthens.  May you find wonderful, enthralling works of language, sight and sound around you always.  May laughter be your shared gift, a smile your constant ornament, and may you grow in wisdom, skill, recognition and prosperity in this year that starts with this... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
MensjeDeZeemeermin Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014
I hope beauty chases you while you chase it, and that wonder and majesty leave your quest for glory every successful.  I hope you find many fun things to do, many wonderful sights to see, and many extraordinary people with whom to interact in positive ways.  May the unexpected always turn out to be good.  I hope this year is one of successful efforts to improve, new friendships made, old friendships renewed, and may you and those you love have a wonderful ride together around the sun in the year beginning with this HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Ross-Sanger Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
Where did you go?! :shakefist:
Kanoely Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
Hi Ross, wow man, i have not been on here in a very long time,
I am well thanks, I've been through a lot. went from san francisco back to New York city then to Washington dc, back to NYC and now back in DC for the time being. it was hard, i'm just finally getting back to normal.

Breakers, obviously was put on the back burner, but recently there was a comic book convention here in DC and my friends came to sell there books, i wrote a story in one and also designed their website

anyway I re-met an artist at the con that i met a few years back, he did a sketch of Gundred for me that blew us away, so we are in the process of rewrites. we have the first issue rewritten and are working on getting some funds to pay for the whole issue, we will be doing some fundraising soon.

how are you? how are your ducklings doing? :o)

i'm attaching the sketch, let me know what you think.…

what's new?
Ross-Sanger Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
Noel! Good to see you're still alive. Yeah, you haven't been on D.A. or Skype for nearly two years, you've got to give me some other way of checking in with you, man.

Sounds like you've been really busy though, and all over the country too. 

Oh neat, which comic did you write for? Have to say I've not been keeping up with JamieFay ^^; but I recognise his style there. The website looks good, clean clear and user-friendly.

The new Gundred design looks good, distinct from the old one but that's by no means a bad thing, it's good to have a different look to set your comic apart I think.
Let me know when and where you're doing the fundraising.

I'm okay thanks, been in kind of a slump artistically for a while but otherwise okay, working for my Dad now drawing building plans (like blueprints, but not blue) and that kind of thing. I've put my story-based comics on hold too for now, trying to work out where I want to go with them, but I did have an idea recently for a little gag strip I might do, just need to get back into practice with drawing.

As for the ducks and chickens, they are doing well thanks, this year's ducklings are nearly fully grown, just waiting for them to quack so we can tell which ones are which (male and female quacks sound different) and we've got a couple of chicks too that are growing up fast.
MensjeDeZeemeermin Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013
May beauty and laughter chase after you, overtake you, precede you, and run around you, so that you never lack for either.  May your smiles be frequent and never insincere, may the sun warm and not burn you, may the air smell sweet and light gleam upon the waters on every day of a glorious year that begins with this... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Ross-Sanger Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012
Hi Noel
Haven't heard from you since last year nearly, how's life treating you? How are things going with Breakers?
MensjeDeZeemeermin Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
A very happy birthday, in which I hope you begin a year of happiness, growth, improvement, and joy.
Ross-Sanger Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011
Hey Noel, happy birthday! :party:
I hope you're having a good one.
Haven't heard from you in ages, do get in touch when you can. I think I have you e-mail somewhere, might give you a buzz on that.

Anyway, have a good one
Best wishes,
- Ross.
Kanoely Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2011
Hello there my dear one, how are you? thank you for the birthday wishes, I had a lovely day, dinner with the family and lots of calls from friends and family.
and some interesting news, i have finally gotten out of my rut, and will be moving back to New York City in January, i even already have a job waiting for me, and my writing partner is there so we can get moving again on breakers again.
I had to take a break, we did the kickstarter campaign but we didn't make our goal, but we did well. and it got me to rethink a few things, even though we did not make our funding goals we did pull in enough to get the artist paid, unfortunately, with Kicstarter, if you don't reach your goal you loose everything.
but now i am going to do a new campaign with a site called Indigogo, it's just like Kickstarter, but, we can keep everything we get, no matter if we reach out goal or not. if we don't, we just have to give them a larger %, if we make the same amount, or more!!! my plan is to get started on the artwork and then work on a digital comic and in iPad app, and then worry about the printing costs down the road.

take a look at the KS page, you can still see the video we did and check out the intensives. [link]
this time around i will send you a link, so please spread the word.

I am revamping the breakers website and actually have an article written about us on a website called, Comic Related. I hope to do the relaunch right after the article comes out and hopefully that will attract more people.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for checking in. i have been a bit down lately since i was feeling so trapped here in northern California, the job marker here is devastating.

I cant wait to be back in NYC i know i'll be able to get a lot accomplished.
What's your email address? we also found a colorist who did an amazing job with Ashish's artwork, i'd love to show you the new stuff.

How are you? how are things? i miss our chats.

I hope all is well.
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